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The main factors for the design of industrial knives is the suitability for the desired application, and within it a cost optimisation considering the total direct and indirect costs and tool life.  The direct costs and tool life are usually known, however, the same cannot be said for the indirect costs such as the consequences of wrong product choices to a halt or quality loss. These factors are as far as we are concerned, at least as important in choosing the most suitable products. Our range include:


  • Circular knives

  •  Flat or Guillotine knives

  • Blades with a diameter of 50-850 mm, a thickness of 0.3 to 15 mm

  • Cutting winding machines

  • special cutting machines

  • Granulating knives

  • round knives

  • Pneumatic drukmeshouders (quetsch-schnitt)

  • Pneumatic knife holders for shears cut; narrow, auto settings

  • Cutting buses

  • Cutting lists

  • Ribbon-Cutting and band saws

  • Kind/form plates and die-cutting knives

  • Special customised products

  •  Upper knives; standard, 12% chrome, HSS, Hard metal

  • bottom blades; standard, 12% chrome, HSS, Hard metal blade holders

  • Tape knives

  • press knives; 30, 45, 60 degrees, sharp or radius with or without perforation

  • paper cutters; all the famous brands

  • special knives; According to customer specification

  • hardened shafts; at least 2, 5 mm tempered surface hardening depth

  • Etc..


    When you send us your drawing or sample and your application and any additional wishes, you will receive as soon as possible an appropriate sharp offer.